rest stops and guardrails

i have always been one to find beauty in ordinary places.  in fact, that was the primary impetus for my first cross-country road trip.  i wanted to find accidental allure along back roads and seemingly forgotten tracks.  unfortunately, i was also on a time limit.  ten days is not a lot of time to drive from maryland to colorado and back, especially with the lower speed limits of an unbeaten path.  so route 70 was my main drag in the interest of scheduling.

practicality is a necessary evil that i refused to let cloud my vision, however.  so i vowed to find charm along the roadside, even if it meant pulling u-turns and parking in median strips.

the first day of driving did not disappoint.  due to an accident, my gps steered me down an unusual side street before i even left my comfort zone.  sometimes you have to trust the travelling gods, and detours are just hidden charms.


heading toward my first destination in pennsylvania, i was surrounding by the last days of fall.  a potty break afforded some time to enjoy the foliage at a surprisingly scenic rest stop.

IMG_7473-2 IMG_7480-2IMG_7487-2IMG_7493-2i have driven through sideling hill in western maryland plenty of times, but i have never pulled over and really enjoyed it.  the bonus of autumn leaves made for even more spectacular views.

IMG_7501-2 IMG_7503-2 IMG_7512-2

i was not the only one who had pulled over to enjoy the surroundings.


so the tone of my trip was set: yes, i had goals and specific sites that were pinned along the way, but i shed all fears of the funny looks people would give me as they drove past me on the shoulder, camera in hand.  if i only had a few days to take in the world around me, then any and all stops were going to be precious.