well, hello there

as some of you may remember, this website was created a decade ago to showcase some of my poetry.  ten years and 5,000 measly but appreciated hits later, it is time to re-purpose this humble space.  i have yet to decide if it will have an actual theme, but, more than likely, it will become home to the random, fucked up shit that runs through my head at any given moment, sometimes not so poetically.   i apologize ahead of time.

the closest i have ever come to actualizing my dream of published writerdom was as a contributing columnist for a small, local publication called “the hard times magazine.”   that progressive powerhouse of a paper has since gone by the wayside, and i am sure that not nearly enough of you had a chance to experience it.  in order to remedy that situation, my first posts on this blog will be reprints of my ‘tales from the tip jar’ column.  hopefully, this will keep you satiated until i get my lazy ass in gear and write something new.